DP Architects

Stone type

Travertine, Pietra Dorata, Carioca, Multicolor, Porrino, Cremo Delicato

One of the cultural Skyline projects: the Esplanade or the Theatres on the Bay, also known as Esplanade Theatres in Singapore.

The Esplanade is the national center for performing arts in Singapore, one of the busiest arts centers in the world. Since its opening in 2002, the center has staged more than 49,000 shows, always keeping in mind its social mission: entertain, engage, educate and inspire.This architectural icon, with its distinctive twin shells, is located in the Downtown Core near the mouth of the Singapore River on the Marina Bay and was named by the inhabitants “the Durian”, or the infamous “king of fruits” of Southeast Asia. The twin structures of the room resemble the three-dimensional skin of this pointed tropical fruit that lives only in this part of the world.

We contributed to the realization of the interiors covered in classic Roman travertine stuccoed with transparent mastic, a novelty for the time, while the entrance wall was made of Pietra Dorata and with Cremo Delicato. For the exteriors, however, the Rosa Porrino, the Indian Multicolor Red and the Brazilian Carioca Yellow have been used to remember the color of the Durian, the exotic fruit.