At Savema we are aware of the responsibility with which we have to manage all the activities that transform natural stone. Our responsibility is translated into respect for the raw material, respect for the environment, respect for work.

Raw material

Natural stone is a non-reproducible and non-renewable resource and its use must be maximized and its waste minimized. We want to develop a marble culture that disregards the dominant aesthetic canons, but that gives reason to the material as such and bases its beauty on its natural uniqueness. Each piece of stone is non reproducible, its DNA is made from peculiar elements that distinguish it and describe its character. What for a standard product is considered a defect, in natural stone must be considered as a distinctive element of its value. Our commitment translates not only into the spread of a different culture of nature but also into the development of new products that use recycled material that is reworked to create exclusive collections.


Our extraction activity is carried out in tunnel quarries, allowing to minimize the visual impact on the surrounding mountain landscape.

We aim to minimize the impact that our production process has on the environment and our territory. For this purpose, we have started circular economy initiatives, aimed at the recovery of processing residues, intended for granulation, and at the recovery of muddy residues, that after a drying process are used as a by-product for filling of purpose quarries, for re-naturation of disused sites, or for capping of municipal solid waste collection sites.

Production processes

Our processes are ISO 14000 certified and oriented to the minimum waste of resources. Our water is treated with a closed cycle sewage system and ZERO discharge. 

All the products that come out of our factory are EPD certified, according to an LCA “from cradle to gate”, offering our customers the opportunity to obtain points in “Leeds compliant” construction.

We do not employ mineral oils, but vegetable or synthetic ones. They are non-polluting, decomposable, organic and hydrocarbons free – therefore they do not damage aquifers.

We are a vertically integrated company that carries out all the activities of the supply chain, from the extraction of the block to the manufacture of the finished product. Integration is one of our founding values, of which we are deeply convinced, and we believe that each and every company that uses natural resources has the ethical responsibility to redistribute on the territory, in terms of work and well being, what is taken from it through the excavation of the raw material.

This is our belief and the way we want to do business and create value for our generation and for the upcoming ones.

Why choose natural stone:

It is a unique product, an exclusive DNA for which there will never be a marble slab -even if obtained from the same block- identical to another. Each piece is an unreproducible piece, uniqueness that starts from the place where it is quarried, and that all producers must have the burden of preserving.

It is an environmentally friendly product. The process of working natural stone has a low environmental impact, an environmental consumption of CO2 extremely lower than that of other coating products, such as ceramics, quartz, sintered products, steel, glass.

It is a natural product and contains no polluting minerals.

It is a product with high durability, it can be restored to its natural beauty by reworking it even after its application. 

It is a raw material that can be used in its entirety, its waste can be used in other processes, without waste production, favoring the circular economy.