Five modular products designed for customizable floor and wall coverings.

The Tangram concept by Savema originates from this: a set of simple shapes whose combination leads to infinite solutions.

Through Tangram, the composition of two or more elementary geometric shapes gives life to a coating that within each project can take on infinite different combinations simply by changing the finishing, the color or the natural stone used to create your own pattern.

«A wall beyond the boundaries that it defines»

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Rediscover a suggestive environment in your home, a wall beyond its outlined boundaries: a view that evokes the extraordinary landscape of the quarries.

«Wanting to deal with natural issues without geometry is an attempt to do what it is impossible to do» Galileo Galilei

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Inspired by the perfect proportion of the golden ratio, the geometric beauty of the Fibonacci sequence transposed to marble.

«We only have room to be happy» Camus

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Time does not exist, but it can be seized through the flow of space. This is the philosophy of the hourglass, which gives its name to this format. Let it mark your precious moments.

«Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other.»  Vitruvius

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Imagine a flooring that pays tribute to a classical pattern of the ancient Roman paving using an eternal material such as marble is.

«What should I love, if not the enigma of things» Nietzsche

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Thanks to our experience and our know-how in the design and construction of surfaces and large projects, we offer a finished product solution that does not require intermediate steps for installation.

Starting from elementary shapes you can compose your solution with the marble proposed and vary accents and finishes according to your project, to give life to a totally customized solution.

The materials are entirely excavated and worked in Italy.

The shape of each Tangram element is designed to minimize the amount of raw material that would necessarily be lost during the processing of the marble slabs, so to ensure a high level of sustainability and to avoid waste.


Tangram playground

We have reproduced the miniatures of our Tangram formats in 1:10 scale. These miniatures are a design tool for floors and walls with which you can have fun simulating your personal solution on a small scale, playing with patterns, colors and joints.

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