We are a natural stone production and trading company located in Pietrasanta (LU), in the stone district of Carrara. Born in 1961 as a sculpture and artistic products workshop, starting from the mid-1970s we have progressively oriented ourselves towards industrial production, driven by the strong rise in the consumption of marble and granite in the world.

Led by the third generation of entrepreneurs, with a turnover of about 30 million per year, today we are a company with a strong international vocation, whose name is linked to iconic projects in the skyline of the most important cities in the world.

Our factory is spread over an area of approximately 65,000m2, within which we provide the culture of integrating products and processes. We support the customer in the choice of materials, solutions, colors and finishes to create unique, different and customizable projects, inspired by the coherence of the language of the natural stone tradition.

From the quarry, through the processing of the slabs, to the creation and installation of the tailor-made cutting project, we cover the entire production process. The know-how and experience of the people in Savema support our customers with an adequate selection of materials, engineering and construction solutions to meet their final needs and expectations.

We provide technical solutions to integrate stone within the architectural design.

There are two main business units within the company

Business units



Cut to size

Material research

Executive design

Engineering and
prototype development






Architectural Surfaces

Our knowledge and our actions are guided by the values of integration, transformation, inspiration, creativity.
«We are not thinking machines that get excited, but emotional machines that think.»
Antonio Damasio

Our Values / Savema Corporation



Integration is the lighthouse that guides our approach to the market. Integrating means being able to optimize:

  1. Services ranging from excavation to installation even on large projects
  2. Different and complementary products, solutions derived from deep experience, a concrete value for your unique and customizable projects
  3. Innovation that allows us to offer you solutions with traditional finishings of the highest level, new generation finishings, porcelain, both on large sizes and standard sizes.

We believe that Transformation of marble is transmission of knowledge, caring of the environment, project culture.

Three peculiarities that distinguish us in our way of designing together with our clients.



Our Values / Savema Collection



This is the unique and privileged impulse that comes from our history linked to the Monte Corchia quarry, our neverending source of inspiration, a place that generates a constant flowcomplementary to our culture of “made in Italy with love”, since 1961

We achieve new proposals with an innovative and unexpected character. We see the aesthetic result as the highest point of the synthesis between the thrust for innovation and an on-going design research.




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