Jean Nouvel Architects


Abu Dhabi

Stone type

Pietra di Luserna

“People cannot bear thermal shocks…and it is the same for works of art” – Jean Nouvel

The majestic dome is inspired by the palm leaves of Bedouin huts, providing to the open spaces below, the right shade whilst enhancing the play of lights.

The 55 spaces are linked through a woven of roads, envisaged as a stone carpet, alternated with reflecting pools as to recall an Arab Medina.

We brought our contribution by doing a simple but extremely accurate job: supply and install the flooring, for which Pietra Luserna was chosen, whose finishing was made by using the flaming technique, in order to avoid refraction or reflection on the paving itself.

A great building is not as such just for the works that exhibits but also for its ability to fit in the landscape that hosts it, respecting its values and traditions.

As Jean Nouvel himself reminds us: “Architecture is an art. And the crusade ahead of us in the future is that to invest more efforts and money in a better life, in better emotions. In the humanity of the project.”