Our vertically integrated structure is aimed at overseeing the entire production chain, from the extraction activity of the marble quarries to the sawing of the blocks, up to the manufacture of the finished product, intended for architectural projects.

The plant is divided into three production departments. The first department is dedicated to sawing – three marble gangsaws and a multi-wire machine can cut the block into slabs of various thicknesses. 

A second department is dedicated to flat workmanship. Epoxy plant, marble and granite polishers, flaming lines: these are just some of the modern 4.0 machines that the company is equipped with to realize on the slab every type of processing in order to enhance its distinctive characteristics and increase its strength and uniqueness.

The laboratory department is where craftsmanship and innovation coexist. Modern 4.0 machines with high technological content and CNC are combined with traditional plants and hand finishing areas in order to make every transformation of the stone required by our customers possible. 
The departments are also served by yards that are spread over 10,000m2.

Our factory employs more than 50 people who ensure the highest quality workmanship, with extreme professionalism and competence.