Montecarlo, Monaco


Alexandre Giraldi – Alberto Pinto Agency

Stone type

Calacatta, Statuario, Emperador Dark

The Tour Odeon, the tallest residential skyscraper in Europe, located in the charming Principality of Monaco.

Rising majestically above the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the building is formed by a double-glazed tower for residential use that develops over 170 meters of height built by the Monegasque architect Alexandre Giraldi.

The luxurious interiors, entrusted to the architect and interior designer Alberto Pinto, were made with a prestigious marble, the Calacatta, an Italian marble with a warm white background.

We used this bright marble in combination with perfectly carved wood to create an harmonious contrast that gave the utmost sophistication.

The project uses renewable energy through the air conditioning and heating system that utilizes geothermal energy, a solution adopted because of the considerable height of the building, the need to make it seismic and the conformation of the ground that determined the need to create very deep foundations. We are very proud to have contributed to the realization of this luxurious and sustainable building.