London, UK


Foster and Partners

Stone type

Caliza Capri Limestone

In collaboration with Architect Norman Foster and his studio, Savema, with its marble and its strength, has contributed to the realization of the Great Court: the large square courtyard was originally a garden, it has now the dimension of a square right in the centre of the Museum and it is covered by a magnificent glass roof.

This courtyard introduces a view to the most famous marble in history, that is those of the Parthenon, sculpted by Phidias in the fourth century BC, they are the highest artistic and cultural expression of the use of marble in sculpture and architecture.

The client opted for a beige stone, with a honed finishing and warm tones: Caliza Capri.

Thanks to this remarkable project by Foster, Great Court has won many awards, including the RIBA Award and the Marble Architecture Award.

Only with such a brilliant project, combined with prestigious raw materials and highly skilled workforce, it was possible to create a setting of a great value for the works exhibited in one of the most important museums in the world.